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IMCA PAWC 2015 in local TV

dear friends,                                                                                                            LL TV

since yesterday you can find the broadcast about our event IMCA PAWC 2015
in the local TV .

here the link for all, who want to see it:

friendly regards

professional pictures – pictures from the parcourse – snapshots

The IMCA PAWC 2015 is over and we keep all memories and pictures in our mind.

Memories are individuell of each person at each day, if these are memories of all
the friends you met and all the talks you made to them or if you remeber your fantastic run.

But we can help you to get some pictures back in your mind!

Unforgettable impressions and unique moments has been fixed professionally during the event by Regina Sturm  with her camera.
Her pictures are now ONLINE and you can have a look at the pictures till 30.09.2015 by the following LINK:  www.tier-foto.at     →  open Gallery
(terms of payment by download : PayPal or pay advanced)

Snapshots and some single pictures out of the parcourse or in front of the hall were taken by  Joachim Steinlesberger. This pictures are for free but they are not final finished.
Fotos Joachim

we wish you a lot of fun watching all the pictures
the Organisationsteam

… the show can begin …

Dear friends of dogs, dear Agility starter,

We have succsessfully transfered the sportinghall into an Agility Center!
We have done our best and are happy to welcome you in our
beautiful eventlocation tomorrow morning.

Great thanks to the whole organisation team, to the lots of helping hands
in the front and back office, and to all sponsers.

We wish you all the best and succsessful runs, no faults and much fun with
your dogs and in your team!

Para Agility Austria