Arnaldo Benini (I)

Arnaldo Benini

Since 1986 in the world of dogs.
Initially leads topics such as boxers and German shepherds in disciplines such as the Sch 1/2/3.
He practices Agility since 1990, initially with a Boxer and a german Shepherd, then with a Border Collie called Cielo di Cambiano named “MAX”.
For six consecutive year, always present in the national team with “MAX” (Cielo di Cambiano).
1995 European Champion (Italy), sixth place
1995 Italia Champion
1996 Silver medal at the World Championship in Switzerland
1997 World Championship in Denmark
1998 World Championship in Slovenia
1999 World Championship in Finland
2006 Border Collie European Champion with Kley and Sky

At the end of the career of MAX, he dedicated him a book titled “ Agility ovvero Concerto a sei zampe” – “Agility – six-legged Concert”.

He later practiced Agility with border Collie “KLEY”, bringing it to the highest levels in the international field finishing in the first place at the Border Collie Classic in the Netherlands in 2006 .

His great experience leads him to keep agility training in countries such as Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Currently he competes in the highest category with his Border Collies, a female named MOVIE and two Boys named LENY and DENY.

This is Arnaldo Benini!