István Szabó (H)

Istvan Szabo

Dear Competitors!

It is a great honor for me to be judging at this year’s IMCA and PAWC. I have been connected to agility since 1996. I have been competing since then with short pauses, I am an agility judge since 1998 and have judged at several international events.

I am president of Magisz Association of Hungarian Agility since 2003. During my judging career I have judged at more than a hundred competitions, in 2003 I was judging at EO, and Junior European Championship as well.

With this invitation a big dream of mine came true. IMCA and PAWC are very close to my heart, as I was already there at the very beginnings in Parma in 2000, since then I have been taking an active part in organizing qualifications every year and I was team leader of the Hungarian national team several times.

Another great dream of mine is to participate at IMCA as a competitor. I consider it very important that besides being judged fairly, the competitors should feel good and happy on the course.

I wish everyone a clean, fair and successful competition!