The name Traun derives from the Celtic river designation “dru” and was already appeared in documents in 790. The city elevation of the largest village in Austria took place on 21 May 1973.

The city with 23,624 inhabitants is the fifth largest city in Upper Austria and belongs to the district Linz – land. Due to its central location, Traun is the district capital of Linz-Land. The city is located on the north bank of the River Traun (tributary of the Danube) and is bordered to the east by the capital of Upper Austria, Linz.

The town of Traun is a popular residential location and has an excellent infrastructure. Furthermore, the city offers many recreational and green oases.

The city is divided into 4 parts: Traun, St. Martin, and Dionysen Oedt.

The area around the Oedtersee is a real paradise and is called “the green lung of Traun”.

The Trauner Au along the river Traun, which is partly under protection, offers a perfect recreation area.

Traun is embedded in one of the most productive areas in Austria. Well-known national and international companies (Internorm International , Tann Papier, Haka-Küche, …) have their headquarters in Traun. Traun fulfills its role as a district capital of Linz-Land by being the location of the district headquarters, the district court, the district office of the Employment Service, two district nursing homes and district branch of the Red Cross. Thus, the city is an enormously important business location in the center of Upper Austria.

The city Traun offers many shopping possibilities You can find various offers in the center of Traun, as well as in Oedt and St. Martin and in numerous shops located nearby the Trauner crossroad. Additionally there is a farmers market every Friday in the city center of Traun where local farmers offer their delicious specialties.

he town of Traun is right next to Austria’s most important highway, the A1. The Airport of Linz “Blue Danube Airport” is located in the neighboring Hörsching and only 6 miles away from the HAKA Arena. In only 15 minutes you are at the Linzer central station where international trains daily arrive and depart.

In the area of ​​Traun many  hotels and inns can be found.